Let it be.

Wake Up Call || Tricia

After a busy day at the office, Craig could definitely use the fresh air so he could clear his head and think over the events that occurred over the past few days. Last night he attended a party thrown by two girls he absolutely hated, and the hatred was reciprocated, and although he left rather early he overheard from several people about the fights and car explosion, and was glad that he didn’t stay there theĀ entireĀ time. Already he disapproved of alcohol, especially people his age drinking it, but the party simply sealed his opinion that the stuff was wrong and he was completely biased against it.

As he walked through Central Park, a light breeze blowing through his short hair, his thoughts ran off track to his father and how he had forgotten to call and wish him a happy Father’s Day. Craig pulled out his phone, ready to dial the number until a loud but slightly familiar voice distracted him and caused him to look in the direction it came from. In the distance he saw that infamous head of blonde hair he recognized as the terror from the office, Tricia Barton. The two hated each other, which wasn’t much of a shocker, but he still felt the need to go over and see what it was about. “New publicity stunt or something?” He asked her with a haughty breath.